Why did we start Shadow Team Preparedness ?

I started Shadow Team Preparedness as a direct response to the London Bridge terror attack on 3rd June 2017. I happened to be in London that day, providing medical cover for an event close by. After witnessing the helpless and terrified public running for safety on the news that night, I immediately sprang into action, put pen to paper, and designed our very first course, The Get Home course. (Link the course)

With my 20+ years experience in the Military, Close Protection, and Paramedicine, I have been on the front line in the most extreme situations, in the most extreme environments all over the world, and have since made it my mission to share my wealth of knowledge with as many people as I can so that you, and your family, have the training and knowledge to make sure you get home safe.

Pete Davies
Shadow Team Preparedness CEO

2020-09-21 at 11:11 pm

Author: Pete Davies

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