Duration: 2 days

Age range: 18+ / 16+ with parental guidance.

Group size: 4-6. Contact us for one to one lessons.

Location: Our office or a location of your choice

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In 2019/20 there were 5.78 thousand kidnapping offences recorded by the police in England and Wales.

What you get once completing the course

  • Shadow Team Preparedness certificate
  • STP Basic Trauma Kit

  • Fire, Water, Shelter and their importance – We take these for granted but when they stop……hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami’s, terrorism.
  • Do’s and Dont’s – Medically, culturally and geographically
  • Every Day Carry (E.D.C) – This takes on many forms whilst travelling
  • Safety & Security – Some places this is poor or non-existent
  • Meds & Medical Kit – We are talking more than first aid, take responsibility for yourself, you may have no choice.
  • Prep & Intelligence – By reading this you have started already so book your place and have peace of mind.

Duration:  x2 Days

Cost:  £385.00 (based on an individual ) – Group quotations on provided on enquiry.

Please mail your enquiry to:

Course Certification:  Posted / Emailed

On full completion of the course, each attendee will take away Shadow Team Training (S.T.T) Trauma and Situation Kit, to the value of £95.00 which will be included in the £385.00 p/h.

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