I found the course very informative, it has made me more aware as a lone worker, when I attend a home visit, I now automatically look for exits , is the key in the back door, I now sit nearest to the door for a quick exit , just in case.

I purchased a personal item, and it has just given me peace of mind especially when travelling abroad and on trains, my Trauma kit is always with me as well, hopefully I won’t have cause to use it , but after the very professional presentation at the course , I feel I could use it confidently. I would highly recommend this course for everyone, to gain insight , awareness and be confident to help others but also take control of situations if they arose.

Angela Nullmeyers - Parkinson's Foundation

Shadow Team Preparedness (STP) recently carried out essential Personal Safety Awareness Training with our crew and shore staff. The course was bespokely designed for TRE. Its content was in a classroom to begin, leading to acting out real life situations that were hard not to believe were “not real” and really gave all participants the insight on trauma and conflict management situations that could and do arise everywhere not just in Central London. The day was professionally conducted and the instructors experience was invaluable.

We would not hesitate to recommend this company to any employer who wants to provide its staff with these key skills or individuals too.

Charlotte & Dean McGlinchey - Thames RIB Experience

STP’s starter-workshop was a real eye opener but what was really great were the practical tips and gadgets they gave me that I have with me every day. I am now far better prepared to look after myself and others.

Marek B - Sales Marketing Director, London Technology

Brilliant …
Brilliant presentation …
Brilliant knowledge…
Learnt a lot.
Loved the day

Gaynor Conroy - Bower Park Secondary School, Romford, Essex

Brilliant session!
Very informative, lots of simple but effective strategies shown/ given.
Well delivered. Really enjoyed it.

Claire Whitcombe - Bower Park Secondary School, Romford, Essex

My company attended Shadow Teams Get Home Course and was so impressed with the days content both visually and practically.
The instructor taught with first hand experience due to his forces and critical care paramedicine background which for me made it “real”.
100% would recommend to anyone at all and for companies, this is definitely the way forward to keep your staff safe.

Ms T Lovett - Managing Director, ILN Ltd

This course has made me take on board my surroundings and made me aware of my vulnerability at times. Professional, well delivered course run by an experienced instructor who had first hand knowledge of situations. I shall be recommending to friends and business acquaintances alike. Excellent opportunity and feel so much more confident knowing I can look after myself and others in need.

T Brock - Snr Sales & Ops Manager, Tourism in London

The speaker was really good he was well prepared. I felt that he could have summarised the more important information in a shorter session. The practical side of things was really helpful. He was describing situations where every second counts which makes me think perhaps there are things in this course that everyone should know about.

Muhaib Miah - DT, Bower Park Secondary School, Romford, Essex

Had an excellent training session today on the ‘Get You Home’ course with a whole wealth of tips on personal safety, conflict management and trauma training.
Would highly recommend this course to all, especially those who work in big cities, travel regularly or work with strangers.
I don’t know how I will react if I’m unlucky enough to be in some of the situations we went through, but I am certainly confident I have the skills to look after myself and others 100% more now.

Mrs H Furness - Director, Griffin Mortgages

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